The Best Bartending School in NJ and NY area. We offer job placement assistance and internships as you graduate.

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Why Bartending Class ?

To make the perfect cocktail

Flexible Hours

It is not regular 9-5 job. You choose your hours. You can make money any time and any place.

Fun Job

You get PAID to party at such job. Fun for you and your customers.

Cash Money

You will make money in cash every night. How much depends only on you.

Recession Proof

You will never be jobless and will love your work.

About Bartending

Learn the craft which will make you anywhere from $200 - $800 per night (basically you will be paid to PARTY)
You will learn everything from Shots to Martinis

Here at Famous Bartending School, we have crafted our bartending school with the perfect blend of fundamentals, cocktail knowledge and spirit history to provide our students with the most well rounded bartending program in Tri-State Area.

In our hands-on academy students learn. Whether you're a novice cocktail enthusiast or a seasoned industry professional, our curriculum is shaped to cover all aspects in the art of bartending.

  • Customers

    Value them

  • Environment

    How you create Bar a live place

  • Confidence

    You can do more when you are confident


We are most unique school in the NY, NJ area and are best as our students say

40 Hour Course, State Certified & Job Placement assistance only for $595 Summer Specials $299

Are You Ready to make money as Bartender ?

Get Paid 256% more when you are Certified Bartender

100% Guarantee, you will have fun while Bartending